Jade Regent

Rumors of Goblins

The adventure begins

The Rusty Dragon in Sandpoint is one of the best places to hear rumors and find bounties for those seeking adventure.

Recently, there have been a tribe of goblins causing more trouble than usual. The FishEye Goblins have gotten a hold of some fireworks and have been attacking passing caravans in the Brine Stump Marsh. While they haven’t made a successful raid, some people have been injured. There is now a 10gp bounty on goblins (bring in their left ear) and a 300gp bounty for their chief’s head.

Cinerae is sitting at the bar, her head bent low in conversation with Amiko. The childhood friends share a deep bond. Phyllidendris smiles when she sees the pair and pads over to join them. The Rusty Dragon is on of the few places the catfolk war priestess of Desna isn’t gawked at. The three quickly start chatting about the goblins when Nermin, the ratfolk wizard joins them, he says that there are no other seats available.

Amiko passes out a round of drinks to the three and ask if they are going to go get some goblins. They think it would be a good idea. She tells them that there is a halfling hermit that lives in the Brine Stump Swamp named Walthus Proudstump. He might be able to help them locate the goblin village since he knows the swamp so well.

Man tells his friend that some one escaped the soggy river monster. It had been eating a goblin at the time and that is how he got away. The soggy river monster has a horrible huge mouth that the bottom jaw splits in two and ends half way down its neck.

As the three leave the tavern they over hear a man talking about making sure he always has a club when he goes into the swamp and on a more interesting note, rumors of a big, black dragon has been spotted over Mosswood.


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